Monday, January 3, 2011

The Great Denim Debate

As some of you already know, I am down to only one pair of jeans.

For most people on the planet, this is not a cause for crisis. Unfortunately for those of us who live in the sticks and have no access to real shopping, it's a battle of epic proportions.

Part of me is sincerely wondering, should I just give up denim and most pants in general for that matter? I mean, I already wear my hair long much to the confusion of many conservatives who feel it is some kind of statement about my "submissiveness" to God, my husband, etc. I am not suggesting becoming a nudist, merely that I may opt for skirts or dresses primarily until designers return to their senses.

Please weigh in with your opinions. Keep up the fight or surrender to looking even more like a demur, perfect wife when I am, in fact, not even remotely close....?


  1. It has nothing to do with surrender, rather, in what are you investing your time? An impossible quest to find jeans that fit via internet? You know that's about on par with world peace.

    As for looking like something you're not - who's to say what you 'look like'? If others are stereo-typing you, that's there problem, not yours, and if they want to make a stink about it, then invite them to find you a pair of jeans that fit.

    If what you can find/make are skirts, then wear them. The world and their two cents be dam . . . uh . . . downed! (Including mine if it doesn't float your boat!) :)

  2. Get hunting pants / BDU's for outside stuff, otherwise stick to what you are comfortable with..

  3. Love you both to pieces!

    Q ~ I have two goals - find at least 1 pair that are relatively decent because the wind here makes skirt wearing HIGHLY inadvisable many days. The second is to find my sewing area again so I can begin manufacturing skirts in the deep depths of winter to combat Cabin Fever. :)

    Kris ~ BDU's??? THOSE I have in SPADES. In every size, style, pattern, etc. Everything from the standards to Gulf 1 Chocolate Chips to winters to Gulf 2 DCUs to winter and summer ACUs. My garage looks like a military surplus store!!! lol

  4. I figured you had BDU's.. but.. wasn't certain..
    So comfy!
    So many pockets!
    Great for outdoor activities!! :)
    (and indoor work, like painting, remodeling, etc.)